Staining & Repair

Pine Ridge Rustic repairs, restores, and stains/re-stains log homes and siding.

Log homes are beautiful and durable, but not indestructible. As time passes and the seasons change, you may find sections of the logs begin to break down when exposed to excessive moisture or physical damage. When that happens, repairs can be costly and difficult. That is, unless you contact Pine Ridge Rustic! With years of experience and scores of satisfied customers, Paul and his crew have what it takes to restore your log home to its original beauty, affordably and efficiently.

As you can see, the log home above had issues with rotting logs. By the time Pine Ridge Rustic had finished repairing and restaining, you’d be hard pressed to tell there had ever been a problem in the first place!

The home below was attractive, but in need of a fresh staining. Here’s before Paul and his crew restained it…

…and here’s after receiving a fresh coat of stain.

Here’s another home before and after being restained.



Pine Ridge Rustic’s restaining processing involves stripping the old stain and applying the fresh coat of stain, as shown below.

If you have a log home or wood siding in need of repair or restaining, Contact Us today for a free estimate!

Pine Ridge Rustic sells and uses high-quality Sansin® stain for long-lasting beauty and protection.


Pine Ridge Rustic: The only official Sansin® tinting dealer from Missouri to Tennessee.

Why does Pine Ridge Rustic use Sansin® stain?

sansin classic stain

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy Water Cleanup
  • Low Odor
  • Low VOC
  • Large Selection of Colors Available

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