Our all-natural, hand-hewn pine and cedar timbers will provide you with trouble-free, long-lasting beauty for years to come.

Please Note: All Prices Subject To Change Without Notice.

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Boxcar Siding

SizeMaterialPer L.F.
Red Cedar Box Card Siding1x6Red Cedar #1$1.82
Red Cedar Box Card Siding1x6Red Cedar #2$1.40
White Cedar Box Card Siding1x6Western Cedar$2.40
1x8Western Cedar$3.47
Pine Box Car Siding1x6PineCall for Price
Pine Box Car Siding1x8Pine (Standard Grade)$1.35
1x8Pine (Prefinished)$1.91
Pine Box Car Siding1x10Pine (Standard Grade)$1.55
Pine Box Car Siding1x10Pine (Prefinished)$2.27

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SizeMaterialPer L.F.
1x4Western Cedar$1.70
1x6Western Cedar$2.47
1x8Western Cedar$3.35
1x10Western Cedar$4.50
1x12Western Cedar$6.41
2x8Western Cedar (smooth)$3.58
2x10Western Cedar (smooth)Call for Price
3x8Western Cedar (rough)Call for Price

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Timbers and Logs

Red Cedar Timbers can be cut to size. We have Huge Red Cedar Trees (with limbs) for support posts. (Up to 26' Long). These logs can be used for Fireplace Mantels and other decorations throughout your home.
SizeMaterialPer L.F.
3x6Western Cedar$9.50
3x8Western Cedar$11.25
4x4Western Cedar$7.25
4x6Western Cedar$11.25
4x8Western Cedar$12.75
6x6Western Cedar$14.00
6x8Western Cedar$17.00
6x12Western Cedar$24.00
8x8Western Cedar$20.00
8x12Western Cedar$25.00

Call for prices on other sizes. Also available in hand-hewn.

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Loft Decking

Our loft decking looks like a plank floor from the top, but from the bottom it looks like tongue-in-groove car siding.
SizeMaterialPer L.F.
2x8Western Cedar$3.92
2x6Red Cedar$2.63

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Red Cedar Lumber

Kiln Dried, Select Grade Red Cedar Lumber
SizePer Piece-RoughPer Piece-Planed/Straight edge

Why should you have Pine Ridge Rustic Log Home Building Supply pre-stain your lumber?

We can prefinish your interior products before you pick them up, saving you a whole lot of time and clean up.

Interior Prefinished

Clear              $1.00    per sq.ft.

Stain              $.45    per sq.ft.

Red Cedar     $1.50    per sq.ft.

Think about this: If you have Pine Ridge Rustic pre-stain 1000 square feet of lumber, it’ll cost around $500 per coat. Just buying enough stain to do it yourself would cost around $300 per coat, and that’s not including the tools, skills, or time needed to get professional results.

Pine Ridge Rustic sells and uses high-quality Sansin® stain for long-lasting beauty and protection.


Pine Ridge Rustic: The only official Sansin® tinting dealer from Missouri to Tenessee

Full Length Red Cedar Trees-
Call for Pricing.


Fireplace Mantels Made To Order-
Call for Pricing.


Here are a few samples from our showroom

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