Barn Wood Siding

If you’re searching for that distinctive Weathered Barn Wood Siding look, or just want something that doesn’t look like it was mass-produced in a factory, Pine Ridge Rustic is happy to help!

Our barnwood siding comes in three colors to help you get just the effect you’re dreaming of; Barn Red, White Wash, and Rustic Taupe. We have all the barnwood siding, battens and trim you’ll need to give any structure an attractive rustic makeover!

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Weathered Barn Wood Siding

ColorSizeMaterialPer L.F.
1x10Weathered Barn Wood Siding$2.40
Barn Red1x2Weathered Barn Wood Battens$.90
Barn Red1x4Weathered Barn Wood Trim$1.60
Barn Red1x6Weathered Barn Wood Trim$1.95
1x10Weathered Barn Wood Siding$2.40
White Wash1x2Weathered Barn Wood Battens$.90
White Wash1x4Weathered Barn Wood Trim$1.60
White Wash1x6Weathered Barn Wood Trim$1.95
1x10Weathered Barn Wood Siding$2.40
Taupe1x2Weathered Barn Wood Battens$.90
Taupe1x4Weathered Barn Wood Trim$1.60
Taupe1x6Weathered Barn Wood Trim$1.95

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